About the Project

Through an NSF-funded grant from the South Big Data Hub, the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance at the University of Baltimore is partnering on a project with Towson University to create a series of webinars open to the public to learn about and evaluate several open data portal technologies for publishing data for smart cities and data science for social good.

The work will build on the Baltimore Data Science Corps NSF HDR project to allow Corps students to publish and host develop open data for smart city and urban data applications. Use cases for other students will then be demonstrated on a set of open data hub technologies such as the ESRI Hub, CKAN, DKAN, and DataVerse. The project will establish criteria to evaluate technology to publish open data and through established use cases that aligned with the South Big Data Hub priorities, technologies will be implemented and tested on their ability to provide end-to-end support for smart city and urban data science problems.

The resulting data will be used in a series of hackathons and competitions among Baltimore students and results will be presented at Baltimore Data Day. The project will be a model for publishing and using open data for smart cities and data science for social good.

Webinars on Open Data Technologies

Webinar #1: January 28, 2021
ESRI Online Data Hub
Andrew Turner, Director and CTO – The Esri R&D Center, Washington, DC
Anthony Puzzo, Business Development Team Lead – Esri
Laura Lyons, Project Lead/Senior GIS Analyst – Data Driven Detriot
Cheryl Knott, Research Manager – Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance

Key Takeaways from this Session

Webinar #2: TBD

Webinar #3: TBD




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