What’s in your Profile?

The Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance-Jacob France Institute (BNIA-JFI) releases an annual “Vital Signs” report in order to “‘take the pulse’ of Baltimore by measuring progress towards strengthening neighborhoods, improving quality of life, and sustaining a thriving, vital city.”  Vital Signs 13, just released in April 2015, looks at indicators such as Census Demographics, Housing and Community Development, Children & Family Health, Crime and Safety, Workforce & Economic Development, Sustainability, Education & Youth, and Arts & Culture both Citywide and at the neighborhood level.

Take Action

  • Download Your Profile:  BNIA-JFI produces 55 Community Profiles
  • Put it on Your Agenda: Encourage your community association (formal or informal!) to discuss the indicators in the community profile at their next meeting agenda
  • What’s in Your Profile? Join the conversation across the City to reflect on what you see.  Any interesting trends?  Any surprises?  Let BNIA-JFI know on Facebook or Twitter

Learn More

  • Attend Baltimore Data Day: Come see the latest in community-based data, technology and tools and learn how other groups are using data to support constructive change





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